Over The Game

Long ago, one friend confided in another about a dream: to create a video game. It seemed like madness, one of those impossible desires that reveal themselves to young friends, accomplices of our recklessness, and remain suspended in shared fantasies.

Today, after about thirty years, that crazy friend called the other, reminding him of that dream, which over time has become clearer, and proposing to make it real. An absurd idea, a journey into the unknown. The other… accepted.

Why Over The Game

Over The Game aims to go beyond the game: Every player, every person, possesses characteristics that make them unique and special; our intent is to bring human uniqueness into the virtual universe. We want to embrace the challenge of combining the fun of video games with a positive impact on people. In OTG, we see video games as an opportunity to experience connections with realities different from our own. We want to create a new virtual relationship that, through characters and narratives, opens the door to a greater understanding of the multiple perspectives of the real world and the human being. Our first project is “Beyond The Fifty Planet,” an interplanetary journey led by a hero characterized by the particular feature of being an autistic boy. On planet Earth, in the year 2100, the Earth’s population has reached 16 billion people. The President of the United Senate charges Daniele with leading what will be the decisive mission for the fate of planet Earth: he must choose and recruit the men who will be aboard the Space Ark, which will head towards galaxies beyond our solar system.

A Scientific Social Bond

Over The Game is constitutionally linked to the Daniele Patané Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting technological research aimed at improving the quality of life of autistic people and their families. A percentage of OTG’s revenue will be donated to the Foundation, thus contributing to funding for research. In particular, the Daniele Patané Foundation supports the development of assistive technologies and technological devices designed specifically for communication with autistic individuals. These technologies may include alternative and augmentative communication devices, mobile applications, social robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and monitoring and support systems.

Journey to Infinity

The goal of OTG is to enlist the best professionals in the field, with the intention of creating innovative games based on compelling stories. The aspiration is to create MMOs, FPS, ADVENTURES, and more, on major Mobile, Computer, and Console platforms. Our ambitious dream seemed unreachable, but to embark on new challenges takes courage, one must throw the heart beyond the obstacle, and we have chosen to do so. We want to build our crew to go beyond the boundaries of what has been achieved so far in Italy, and we want to put ourselves to the test, in an attempt to succeed in the future in matching the best companies in the international sector.

Join the Crew

For this reason, we are seeking and selecting the right profiles: adventurers, explorers, technicians, artists, visionaries… (preferably avoiding mercenaries and cutthroats).

We want people who believe they can do it, who give their all to achieve the goal. Gifted individuals who know their limits and want to expand their boundaries.

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Over The Game, player heartbits.
Alea iacta est. The challenge is on.